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This memorial was created in loving memory of

Dana Zoe Nobles.

Dana was born in Phoenix Arizona on January 02, 1988 and passed away on July 06, 2003 at the very young age of 15.

We will remember her forever.  She was the brightest light on earth and beacon that drew her mother home every night from work to share every moment of the day and every thought that could be shared.
Our hearts will never be whole again without you sweet Dana.

 Our main goal is to make sure people make the right choices when they drink and drive. The statistics of drinking and driving in Arizona are astronomical. In this case the driver was not only two times the legal limit he was also on Meth as were a few of his passengers. There were 4 passengers in the Honda Civic that ran the stop light that killed my niece and her paternal grandmother Reba. They were driving 83 miles an hour when they ran the redlight.It was a 40 mile an hour zone. 1 person lived in the Civic. 1 passenger that died was a 17 year old girl that was the mother of an infant son. NOBODY was a winner in this situation. If the driver had of lived he would have faced multible charges because of his(and his familys) recklessness.This was an event that DID NOT need to happen.
Worse yet I cannot even bring myself to be forgiving and compassionate to the other innocents that have been permantly hurt by this tragic event. The Macias family. 

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Tributes and Condolences
Grandfather  / John Archer (Grandfather)
RIP honey.
Never forgotten   / Gail-Marie
With hope and love
God Be Close to Dana!   / Lisa Heiser (acquantance of Evelyn )
God Bless Her!
You are ALWAYS in my heart   / Lynne Wojahn (Her Mom )
I miss you my Beautiful Dana. a day goes by where I wish you were here for me to hold you and tell you all will be well. I miss the smile you always gave me and the time we spent together working in the garden or repairing a fence or just making cook...  Continue >>
Watching from above the clouds   / Jose Campos (Computer Tech Support to her Grandmother )
Hello, even though I did not have the pleasure of meeting Dana, I did manage to meet over the phone her Grandmother while fixing her computer and I was deeply touched on how this young lady lost her life, All I can say is that she's sitting on some c...  Continue >>
Im sorry baby!!!  / Aunt Vannie (Tia)    Read >>
You still in my thoughts every day Dana!  / Brian Reber (Friend)    Read >>
Baby I'll take care of you  / Brenda Dailey (Friend)    Read >>
Beautiful Angels in Heaven  / Celia Collins (Worked with her grandmother Reba )    Read >>
May God send comfort and hope to the entire family.  / Gregory Kevakian (Friend of Evelyn Kahnell )    Read >>
I am really sorry for your loss  / Robert Russell (just some guy )    Read >>
Peace / David     Read >>
Take Heart  / Coleen     Read >>
dana was awsome  / Christina Carbno (friend)    Read >>
Special Friend To Family  / Mary Erlandson (Special Friend )    Read >>
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Dana Zoe Nobles
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