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Dana's Life. Told by her Aunt Vannie!  

            Dana Zoe Nobles was born to the Nobles family on January 2, 1988. Her mother is my youngest sister Lynne. As soon as Dana was born we were so tickled. I'm the oldest sister and I only had one girl(5 boys) and our sister Jackie had had 3 boys already too, so we were very excited that there was FINALLY another girl. WOW, and we were lucky it was Dana Zoe. Lucky is not the word, BLESSED is the word. She blessed US with her life!!! She lived the first part of her life in Phoenix where she was born. She has an older brother Darren, a younger sister Danielle and another brother, Nikki. Her mom was still terrific friends with Danas dad Ed. Eds mom, Reba, was always in Dana's life too. My sister Lynne married Doug Wojahn. Nikki and Danielles dad. The family then moved to Baghdad Arizona. Then added to the family was Doug's daughter Chanelle. Also in the mean time my sister Jackie had a daughter too-Alysha. The boys still outnumbered the girls, but ours girls more than made up for it.
They could hold their own!
Dana's family moved to North Dakota. So far away from all of the family. But we kept in touch.
Lynne had lived for years near her family so now it was time for Doug to be by his family. Which is a good thing since he has just recently loss his mother,uncle and grand mother within the last few months.
Dana always loved Arizona though. She really missed being here. She was lucky(we thought at the time) to be able to come and spent summers in Phoenix with family. Her father Ed is a postman for Glendale so while he was at work she got to stay at Grandpa Jims and Grandma Zoes. She spent alot of time with her cousin Alysha. Her grandma Reba, Ed's mom, always picked Dana up to bring her up here(northern Az) to Heber, where she had a summer home. I live only 40 miles from there so I could go and see her there. I picked her up one time and took her horseback riding with the Hashknife Pony Express. She loved it. Horses were her "thing".
The night she was killed her grandma Reba picked her up late. Reba worked at Casino Arizona which was all the way across town and wanted to pick Dana up after she got off work to get an early start in the morning to go to Heber. Nobody knows why Reba decided to take a different way home than she ever did but that was to be the end of everything for 2 familys.The Nobles and the Riddle-Archers. The Civic that t-boned them was traveling 83 miles an hour in a 45 mile and hour zone and ran a red light and that was the end of OUR Dana! Just like that! Someone else took alot of lives in their hands(which they had no RIGHT to) when they decided to drink and drive. Oscar Macias(a mexican national) was driving the Civic with his brother Daniel and 2 other family members in his car. They had all been at a party and Daniel had been drinking and doing drugs and started having some kind of chest pain(?). They decided to call 911 to get an ambulance at 12:31 am but chose not to wait but to drive him theirselves to the hospital. Why they made such a STUPID decision we will never know but we do know for sure that they killed Dana and Reba at 12:36 am. 5 minutes after they called 911 they changed our lives FOREVER! Not in a good way either. They must have made the decision because of all the booze and drugs they ingested. And how ironic is it that the one they were taking to the hospital(Daniel) Is the ONLY one to live through the "accident". I'm sorry to say that as of that moment in time when they decided to drink and drive and took our beloved Dana from us I cease to care if they(the Macias) live or die. I am not ashamed to say thats how I feel. I can't speak for the rest. The nightmare will never be over. Not untill we get to see Dana in Heaven.
The Nobles Family-
Jim and Zoanne Nobles
Terry and Evelyn(Nobles) Kahnell
Moe and Van (Nobles) Serna & kids(8)
Jim and Christine Nobles & kids(2)
Jackie (Nobles) Ramos & kids(3)
Most of all
Doug and Lynne Wojahn,Darren,Nikki,Danielle.
Ed Riddle(Danas daddy)
John Archer, Rebas beloved husband. Ed's beloved Mother.
Crystal Riddle,
Danas sister too!

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